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Congratulations! You’re ready to apply for a merchant account! We are very pleased you’ve chosen to apply for a merchant account with Paygrip. For established merchants who are used to manual, handwritten applications, you will find our electronic application and integrated signature easy to complete and efficient. For new start up merchants entering the merchant card services world for the first time, Paygrip has invested a considerable amount of energy into our application technology.

When you are a small startup merchant, choosing a merchant account provider to process credit card payments is easy. Most start up merchants focus on fees and pricing, not customer service and value. Credit card processing and credit card pricing can be confusing. New merchant focus tends to be on discount pricing, versus the value of the overall credit card system processing solution, and the increased credit card processing revenue the credit card system provides. Paygrip was established to provide an exclusive merchant card services experience for those merchants who require, or want a first class experience.

Many merchant account and merchant card services providers who provide credit card payment systems underwrite merchants very differently. Credit card processing problems tend to arise once you have grown from a "monthly minimum merchant", into a thriving business whose model depends on increasing online credit card payments through marketing efforts, every month. Most merchant account processors approve a startup merchant with the expectation that they will not grow too fast. However, using the Internet today - a small company can do exactly that! Selecting the right merchant account services provider to process credit, retail payments or ecommerce payments is crucial to merchant card services success. At Paygrip, we have developed the right payment partners, credit card systems and merchant services packages to scale with your business. Our merchant account underwriting is efficient, knowledgeable and familiar with many retail payments and ecommerce payments business models.

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Online Credit Card Payments

Retail merchants have been migrating to the ecommerce online credit card payments world for quite some time. Over time, many retail merchants have seen their online presence grow and with that, their online credit card payments and credit card systems processing have also grown. Even though Paygrip provides startup merchant account processing, Paygrip specializes in catering to the existing credit card merchant, eliminating the growing pains that a thriving business can experience when growing from retail payments or mobile payments, into an online credit card payments ecommerce payment gateway environment. Using our experience, combined with innovation, we provide merchant card services that make sense, allowing merchants to process credit and debit card payments with the most effective credit card payment systems and solutions available. Evolving from retail payments using various credit card systems into online credit card payments is not as complicated as it sounds. Paygrip can provide retail payments, the ability to accept gift cards and provide online credit card ecommerce merchant gateway access to accept card payments online.

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Merchant Account Underwriting

The ability to accept credit payments through a credit card payment system, or ecommerce payment gateway is a privilege, not a right. With that, many merchants have run afoul of accepted merchant services terms and conditions over the years, and not been aware. This can be a painful experience, and if not rectified, can affect your ability to process with any credit card payment system. Our goal at Paygrip is to provide merchants with a quality underwriting experience that allows the merchant to identify all areas of their business model. It's possible that our Underwriting may take a day or two longer than other processors to approve you to accept credit payments or ecommerce payments. Our rates may be slightly higher than other merchant account providers. We do not offer window shopping rates – in fact our rates may be slightly higher. We focus on quality, providing credit card payment systems that work. We want to exercise all due diligence so that your processing is expected and welcomed, and your experience is first rate.

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