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Once, there was a time where parents sent a physical check to their child’s college or university for tuition payments and other higher education expenses. Dorm expenses, course studies, food and beverage, laundry and other expenses required additional checks, sometimes several times a year. As card services emerged as payment vehicles, retail merchants where the first to take advantage of the many benefits of a credit card system. Over the years, many colleges and universities slowly started to accept retail payments for credit and debit cards in cafeterias and small campus stores. As the ecommerce world began to take shape, proving that online payments acceptance risk could be managed effectively – many larger campuses around the globe began to accept online payments through payment gateways.

Even though colleges, universities and school systems across the country are familiar with accepting credit card payments, a lagging adoption rate is pervasive. Many smaller K – 12 school systems are fragmented and consolidation is slowing happening across the country. As more school systems combine to create larger student bodies and reduce administrative costs, accepting tuition and other payments have finally become a focus of concern for administrators.

Accepting tuition payments, processing credit and debit for cafeteria, housing and transportation -Paygrip provides PCI compliant payment solutions for colleges, universities and school systems.

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Supercharge your payments across campus! Enabling your college or university to accept payments through administration mobile devices across campus is fast becoming a new source of revenue.

The Paygrip Swiper X mobile solution includes a card reader that attaches to most modern mobile smartphone devices. The Paygrip Swiper X mobile payment solution enables students to pay for everyday items across campus. These items can include, but are not limited to:

  • School supplies
  • Course study materials
  • Cafeteria – food and beverage
  • Transportation